Tuesday, 7 June 2016

If You Loved Xtatic Rapping You Will Love Her Even More Singing [Audio]

This week, two hiphop divas dropped a new single.

Femi One and Xtatic released their collabo single dunned Usiku Mchana. In it, Femi drops the lines while Xtatic brings the melody.

If you loved Xtatic the rapper, you will fall in love with the singer.

She says, "And well this is not the only time we will hear Xtatic sing. You are going to see more of me singing this year as I have recorded more singing songs."

Adding, "I was to release a mix tape where it was all me singing, but due to unfortunate circumstances I have had to hold back most of my projects. In future it is definitely more of singing as it is what I started with before rapping.”