Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dela's Love Letter Has Some Shocking Confessions

It is super brave of people to put out their raw emotions and feelings out there in public. Not many people can.
Afro pop queen, Dela Maranga has done just that. Her latest release, Ahadi Zako bares it all.
Released under Taurus Musik, the track is a mid-tempo song which shows Dela's versatility and incredible vocal range.
The song appeals to both a younger audience as well as a more seasoned music lover. Dela's sweet and soothing vocals paired with the delicate sound of afro-Neo soul gives a fresh feel to African Music.
The song is produced by Producer extraordinaire R. Kay.
Check out the lyrics of this love letter...

Nina ndoto zako
Usiku silali, mawazo
Hasira 'menibana kwenye koo
Ni wewe hukutimiza ahadi zako
Macho yanacheka, lakini moyo unalia
Nyara kaniteka, donda ndugu kabakia
Ngoja kidogo, ngoja kidogo
Usinipe kisogo.
You promised me such beautiful things
Happiness on butterflies' wings
When did all the magic subside?
When did it all die?
Broken promises broken
Mahaba ni tamu, mahaba ni sumu
Umeuvunja moyo wangu
Mahaba ni tamu, mahaba ni sumu
Umeuvunja moyo wangu