Thursday, 25 February 2016

Octopizzo Calls His Kenyan Peers "Weak-Ass rappers"!

As usual, Octo is not Octo till he makes you raise an eyebrow.

Today, he took to his social media pages and made bold proclamations. He said "hiphop is dead" and that he is the reason "weak-ass rappers" have inspiration.

The I'm A Doer hitmaker wrote, "In other news ‪#‎Hiphop‬ is ‪#‎Dead‬ in Kenya at the moment, after all this December/January hype now everybody is quiet waiting for OCTO to drop something so that they can counter attack; why do I always have to be the one to wake your weak ass rappers up!! But I guess it also Feels great to be the SI UNIT of Quality, Dopeness & Growth, all I see is some funny looking videos shot with God knows what, some dropping 20 songs in 1 month and no one knows even 1 song in them! Come on "Kenyan Hiphopers" why are guys so weak?"

He also took on Juliani, King Kaka and Khaligraph who were part of the Who Is King online battle.

"The who's King guys are back to their shells after all that hype, how did that go by the way?" Octopizzo asked, "Did it grew Hiphop? I guess not well 8th March all you weak ass rappers seat down and watch coz all you do is tryna be me. Stop the hype & show me some serious stuff. I need real challenge not this orange orange stuff you real isn't out there!!! Well am still waiting am giving you a grace period to think about it."