Wednesday, 11 November 2015

When Great Chemistry Happens To A Hit Song

When these two hit the Coke Studio Africa stage for season 3, musical heaven was primed for their performance.

Juliana Kanyomozi and Flavour's performance convinced the audience that they have an unbreakable bond. The chemistry was palpable and it endeared them to their fans.

YouTubers were super impressed. Check out some of their comments.

"I think I prefer this version to the original...Great Chemistry!" one fan wrote, "The most amazing performance I’ve seen on the show. The both of them just won a new fan. Chemistry and synergy is on point. The weren't competing or struggling to outshine each other and it was so cool. I almost believed they were in love. This is the best. Ok Bye."

Another fan posted, " Simply. Stunning. I was not ready."

Replied another, "I feel you. You're just there waiting for your simple recipe video to load and then you're just hit by all this fabulousness."

You may watch the videos below...