Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hollywood Producer Is Looking For This VO Actor Who Spoke Kikuyu In Star Wars

A Hollywood producer is in town looking for Kipsang Rotich who stared in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in the 1980s.

Apparently, they need him for a "movie shooting in Los Angeles." Kipsang played the voice of Nien Nunb.

The online post asking for his contacts reads, "He used his native tongue of Haya. He was not credited in the movie. But not all of Nien Nunb's lines are in the Haya language, which is not spoken in Kenya but rather neighbouring Tanzania. The very first thing he says in the movie before the attack is in the native tongue of Kenya's tribe, the Kikuyu, and it translates to 'all of you over there, come here.'"

It continues, "If you know the whereabouts of Kipsang Rotich who was a voice actor in 1981-1984 and went on to become a local celebrity in Kenya back in the 80s, please send an email to and in the subject line it is very important that you kindly write his exact age and the name of the foreign college he attended in America in the 80s."

So far no one seems to know where Kipsang can be reached but various networks are been used to reach out to the 80's voice over actor.