Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Fans React To Sauti Sol's New Album Cover

Sauti Sol will be launching their latest music project dubbed Live and Die In Afrika on Friday. They unveiled the album cover and fans went mad about it.

Here are some reactions from fans

Christine Emma Richards; woi Bien uluhya utakumaliza just had to carry the igokho? love the cover though, it depicts true africanism. Zecky Nickname Am proud of you guys keep it up ..ur representing East Africa well. ..Please don't break like the rest of the mfks

James Kimani; I'm proud of guys, and happy to live in soul generation#Liveanddieinafrika

Nick Kimtai Rookye; Ok girls lets call a spade a spade..ok. Its not a chicken. Its a cock..repeat after me. cock

Björn Hùni Wåldegard; Am thinking Bien is a Kanu dude.

Lynnet Mwangi; Ndio hiyo kuku ikae na hiyo posture Bien must have struggled with it the pic. #Men_Of_Our_Motherland

Sir-Me A-Taker; this album cover is just dope... I didn't expect this at all... Sautisol, you guys just aced it

Wali Blessed Tina; Bien with a cock... Chimano ungekuwa na kikombe ya chai, Savara ka redio ka battery 3 kwa masikio, polycarp picha ya posho mill...

Lillian Omoke; Good. Tell us where to buy original music. We refuse to pirate.

Polycarp Gideon Omari; Ladies be like "Bien you've got a nice cock "… Lol, all in all I like the album cover, I swear I must buy the original, ntaipata wapi pleaze?