Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Social Media BigWigs Feted at Annual Awards

The most influential social media users in the country were this year feted at the 3rd Olx Social Media Awards (SOMA), following their use of social media to positively impact audiences.

The Awards culminated in a colourful showdown in Nairobi that saw the winners take home trophies to mark their notable and impactful presence on social media.

The Secretary for Delivery in the Office of the President, Mr. Nzioka Waita, who was guest of honor, applauded Olx and the SOMA organizers for investing in an initiative that inspires Kenyans to use social media positively.

Mr Waita noted that social media has been utilized to fight and achieve good causes which have impacted lives positively “Social media if well utilized can empower Kenyans economically and individuals as well as corporate organizations should take advantage of the opportunities the digital space offers for advancement,” he said.

Olx Country Manager, Mr Peter Ndiangui lauded Kenyans for actively participating in social media, saying the various online networks have undergone a remarkable evolution over the last 10 years.

“For corporate social media marketing presents a unique opportunity to stay top of mind with current customers and get on the radar of new customers on their preferred platforms,” he said.

The Director of Kenya Social Media Awards, Martin Muli, urged those active on social media to use opportunities it offers to earn an income.

“Social media can drive employment creation given that most of the youth are involved. Let the winners take the Awards to the next level by using the honours they have been conferred tonight to make money by engaging in causes that can move forward our economy,” Muli said.

The theme for this year’s Awards was “Social Media and Economic Empowerment” speaking to the need to harness the various social media networks to create employment and empower Kenyans economically.