Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nairobi African Market Runs To The Aid Of Abused Children

The October edition of the 3-day-festival is a pretty special one. The Nairobi African Market is supporting Mary Faith Children's home.

Mary Faith Children's Centre hosts children who have been rescued from abusive relatives and parents. Presently there are 41 children. Approximately 90% were sexually and physically abused, while 10% were cases of child labour and emotional abuse.

The management and social workers at the centre work closely with the police and health officials to ensure the children get justice and medical treatment. Most of the children in the home are on medication and have to attend regular health check up. All the children in the home have access to counselling sessions at Kenyatta National Hospital, department of mental health. Some of the girls have babies as a result of rape.

At the centre, the children get regular meals, basic education and they also take part in activities such as beadwork, painting, music and dance sessions which have proven to be therapeutic according to Mary, the centre's founder.

The centre is however in serious need of basic supplies such as diapers, sanitary towels, stationery for the school going children, baby clothes, toiletries, bedding e.t.c. We have donated a stand to the girls. so that they are able to sell their bead work and art work. The girls have worked hard on their pieces.

You can support the girls, by buying something from their stand, bring something from the list of needs or just stop by and offer them a word of encouragement.