Friday, 25 September 2015

Nakaaya's Reveals A Secret About Her New Single With Lady JayDee

Tanzanian diva Nakaaya Sumari has a new single out featuring Lady Jay Dee dubbed Sista Sista.

The award wining singer reveals that making the track with Jay Dee was intimidating for her.

She says, "I remember being overly excited and nervous to work with her so much so that I was drinking honey lemon tea all day just so my voice would not disappoint her."

Laughing she added, "But when we went into the studio, we just clicked. She was the most easy going, kind and gentle person. All the nerves just melted and it was like we had known each other for years. From that time, we then became very good friends and I got a chance to work with a legend." 

Nakaaya describes the single. 

"The idea behind the song was an artistic idea of two close friends/ sistas dating the same man, and the expression of the frustration that comes with it."

You can download the single here