Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Maisha Lab Screenwriting Goes To ZIFF 2015

The Maisha Screenwriting Laboratory is sooo on for this year'sZanzibar International Film Festival.

Applications for the competitive laboratory are now open and the deadline is 13th June.

The Maisha Screenwriting Laboratory has been one of the most influential film training grounds in East Africa, inspiring regional filmmakers with over 1,000 participants already having taken part in the training.

Program Director of the Kampala based Maisha Film Lab, Fibby Kioria has explained that they expect to award 60 scholarships a year for the next three years to participants from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya .

These sponsorships are made possible with funding from Stichting Doen. She goes on to explain, “in the 8 day workshop, the 60 selected participants (15 from each country) will work with internationally renowned mentors to refine their work and broaden their horizons in the film business and the art of filmmaking. The winning script will receive an award of $ 5,000 to produce their short film”.

The 2015 edition of the Maisha Lab is the seventh lab to be held in Zanzibar with ZIFF as the local partner.

ZIFF is proud to once again play host to Maisha as Festival Director Prof. Martin Mhando explains, “the Maisha lab utilizes the festival platform where, in addition to the workshops, screenwriters can watch a wide diversity of films and engage in discussions with other local and international filmmakers attending the festival.”

Prof Mhando goes on to explain the importance of the opportunity for Zanzibari screenwriters to take advantage of the lab taking place on their doorsteps. “In the past, lab participation by Zanzibari based screenwriters has been low, and yet we know that the need is great. More importantly, this opportunity is fully funded, providing a unique opportunity for the participant to expand their skills and knowledge as well as enabling them to develop networks in the film industry”.