Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sauti Sol Release A Beautiful Anti-Abortion Song

2014 MTV Africa Best African Act Winners: Sauti Sol have featured Amos & Josh in new single/music video NEREA.

The song extols the advantages of choosing life over abortion.

The message of NEREA is somber yet strong and evokes emotion. The song gives hope, while applauding every day hustle in Africa, and celebrating all human achievement, whether considered big or small.

This is the fifth single off Sauti Sol’s upcoming third album: Live and Die in Afrika, set for release in 2015.

The music video of NEREA re-enacts the younger versions of a vast mix of personalities, celebrities, presidents and champions in sports, arts and culture.

These are familiar icons, who have in a span of decades, shaped the lives of young and old people from all walks of life, and inspired the ideal to Live and Die in Africa.

The song is about the growth of an African man and how he takes full responsibility for his everyday actions. 

The simple sound of the acoustic track is a perfect mesh of Sauti Sol and Amos & Josh.

NEREA has been written by Sauti Sol. Co-written by Amos & Josh. Produced by Sauti Sol under Sauti Sol Entertainment.

The music video of NEREA has been shot and directed by Enos Olik of Bokeh Family - who also shot Sauti Sol’s award-winning SURA YAKO and Kenya's Most Watched Video in 2014 NISHIKE (both videos have surpassed over a million YouTube views).