Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Kagwe Mungai Gives You The Dee. Yeah, He Does...

Kagwe Mungai has released his first single for 2015 dubbed “The Dee.”

The song whose catchy chorus is guaranteed to be on replay is a fusion of funk and pop, complete with lyrics that most people relate to.

This new single puts into song the common situation where a guy is in pursuit of a lady, hoping to start something with her, with him being romantic and complimenting her.

But after a while the romantic facade drops and it instead turns into a direct confrontation, with the guy clearly stating what it is that he’s after.

Written, performed and produced by Kagwe Mungai himself, he describes “The Dee” as an "up-beat dance-able song that is a reflection of what is currently present in society in relation to modern day relationships."

“The Dee” comes barely a few months after Kagwe released his club banger “Creeper” which had a ripple effect in the music scene. With more singles on the way, Kagwe Mungai is out to set records in 2015.