Thursday, 26 March 2015

This Is How Willy Paul Traced His Missing Mum

Gospel singer Willy Paul put out an SOS after he found out his mother was missing.

The Sitolia star said his mother was not feeling well and he couldn't seem to trace her, two days ago.

With the help of various artistes, Willy Paul has managed to track his mother in Kericho. The details are scanty as to how she ended up leaving Nairobi and ending up in a diffrent town far away from home.

Willy Paul posted the progress of the search on his Facebook.

He wrote: "Thanks be to God!!!! I want to thank JAGUAR THE ARTIST for stepping in to help me find my lost mother... it's so amazing how he did it.. This has taught me a lesson... JAGUAR is. Secular artist but stepped in to rescue a gospel artist.. thank you once more brother... I also want to the a few artist from the gospel Industry for stepping in and working hard with me to this day that we know my mums whereabouts. Dk kwenye beat, Mr seed, hopekid, size 8, joy mosound(grooveawards) Njesh wa kabbz (grooveawards) dj mo, scepta, e.t.c thank you all and I thank God for using you all to help in the search.. ::: information given to us by jaguar help us.. He took us to the right people that helped us locate mum... her current location is Kericho and a team has been sent to get her... asanti Mungu. (sic)"