Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Jaya And Lady J Dee Tells You Why Tomorrow Will Sort Itself Out!

Jaya releases “Sasa” featuring legendary Tanzanian artist Lady Jaydee. This is Jaya’s second single off her first solo project.

“Sasa” is about desisting from waiting for the proverbial tomorrow and only being concerned about today - the moment right now.

Jaya says, “We really spend a lot of our energy thinking about what will happen tomorrow, about hoping to feel better and how a situation will change. Sometimes we really just need to look to the moment right now, and realize that your present person is the most important thing in life because the next minute is not guaranteed at all!”

Written and performed by Jaya and Lady Jaydee, the music video has been shot by Enos Olik of Bokeh Family.

Audio has been composed and produced by Tim Ennovator Rimbui.

Jaya is currently recording her debut album under Pinecreek Records where she is also signed.

She is working with industry greats like R Kay, Ennovator and Jaaz Odongo on the production of the album. “Sasa” and “Wewe Ndiwe” will be part of her new album compilation, set for release this year.