Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This Is Why DJ Mo Was Arrested!

Yesterday, TV personality and popular gospel DJ was arrested for allegedly "not bribing police officers" who stopped him on the Naivasha-Nairobi highway.

At the time of the incident, DJ Mo was with his wife and Mr Seed who documented the arrest with their smart phones.

DJ Mo posted the drama on his Facebook page: "Jana I appreciated the words of David in 2 Samuel 24:14 when he said it is best to fall into the hands of the Lord because He is all merciful rather than fall into the hands of man whose mercies run low.

"By the way this happened along the Naivasha - Nairobi highway after I refused to pay a bribe, allegedly driving a car with tinted windows, and when I agreed to go to the police station I declined the officer riding in my car since there's no law that states that. He he, my wife is good in taking photos. And I believe this has been happening to many motorists along this highway. I think something should be done as soon as possible."

The musician was later released after paying a fine of Sh10,000.