Tuesday, 21 October 2014

So This Is The Apology For That "You Could Get Aids From Towels" Comment?

Kenyans are not accepting an apology posted on the 700 Club Facebook page over Dr Pat Robertson's remarks about the country.

Radio presenter Ciru Muriuki said it is a "non apology".

The apology read, "On last Thursday’s The 700 Club broadcast, Dr. Robertson was responding to a viewer’s question about a mission trip to Kenya and getting Ebola. In his answer about the health dangers posed by such a trip, Dr. Robertson misspoke about the possibility of getting AIDS from towels. CBN recognized this error immediately and removed that statement from the online archive. CBN apologizes for any confusion."

Ciru posted, "What a ridiculous non-apology. There was no "confusion". Just a display of abject ignorance and blatant bigotry. Come to Kenya Dr Robertson. I will meet you at the airport with a towel."

Another dissatisfied Kenyan added, "It CBN or Pat apologising? James 3:1 says 'teachers will be judged harshly', it calls for responsibility. It is also helpful to always ensure the word of God and not pat or any other person to be the final authority in all things. We must be like the bereans in Acts 17:11 who checked everything with scripture. This is not the first time #pat has erred biblically. I wonder why he is constantly given the spotlight and made to be an authority in all things. The credibility of #cbn is waning day by day! So sad!"