Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lupita Says Her Mum Is Her Secret Fashion Consultant

Lupita Nyong'o turns to her mother for style advice.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed that her ultimate wardrobe inspiration comes from her mum who taught her to dress respectfully for any occasion.

Lupita told Lucky magazine: "My mother raised us to dress as a sign of respect. Like, no ball gowns to the ball game. That's still how I approach dressing."

She added, "At Yale [School of Drama], I was three years in slacks, so then, any excuse to dress up, I took. Now I'm the opposite."

The beautiful '12 Years a Slave' star also admitted that her love for dramatic make-up looks started when she was just a teenager.

She told the mag: "My mother never wore it, so make-up always fascinated me. I was always trying to add more! I started experimenting - brows were first, and it hurt - at 16. From brows I moved on to black lipstick, which I still wear. I've had black lipstick in my bag since I was 17 - I've even worn it on the red carpet. I'd tell my mother, 'It's for the play!

"We're a big performative family, so we were always putting on shows for each other, make-believe. Black lipstick is just instant drama. I always sought out drama - I played Juliet at 14 - though I don't like it in my personal life. It's more for the stage and screen."