Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Eric Omondi: Esther Arunga Believed In My Talent

Comedian Eric Omondi has joined the online call to save TV queen Esther Arunga after the tragic death of her son and incaceration of her husband.

Esther's first born son, Sinclair, died after it is reported that her hubby, Quincy, punched him in the stomach and hurled him accross the room.

Quincy is in jail awaiting trial set for December 4.

Eric says, "One thing happened, followed by another and we soon lost hope and trust in Esther...but hope is never lost, we must hope against hope. Let's bring back our Esther, back to Kenya, back to her country, back to her family...even back to our Screens. I believe!!! We can!!! YES WE CAN!!!, bring back our girl."

The comedian narated how he meet Esther on his Facebook Page.

He wrote, "I once met Esther Arunga while at Daystar University...I was a second year...I had tried very much to reach any Celebrity but non would pick my calls...she did pick my call..."Hey esther my name is Eric Omondi, a student at Daystar University..." I said immediately she picked..."Yes to me" She responded in a soft voice..." Thanks so much for picking my call, am a student leader and I'd love to invite you to my college, I'd also personally love to meet you since am very much interested in TV and Entertainment" This was my response, my voice now shaking with excitement. " Ok dear, can you make it to KTN, I and M building Thursday morning 11am to be exact and don't be late!! She said sternly. Now I was literally shaking in disbelief..."Yes esther...I'll be there". 'See you then' She said and hang up. To cut the long story short I met Esther shortly on Thursday morning and since she was running late, she offered to buy me coffee the following morning at Java Yaya as I explained to her exactly how she could help. She did buy me coffee and introduced me to her entertainment outfit CINEMA (Christians in Media and Entertainment) they ran it together with Big Ted and Big Kev. She also came to Daystar to speak to the students, she brought along with her Nimrod Taabu the first time and Jeff Koinange the second time...This was huge, she made me believe in myself.I know you are asking yourselves, what's the moral of this story. It was while I was performing at CINEMA at the former Galileo on museum hill that churchill officially saw my talent and Esther Arunga officially introduced me to the man who would take me and give me the biggest stage of my life, Churchill. God used her(Esther Arunga) to lead me to my destiny. I can confidently say I knew Esther Arunga, she was a friend and a mentor...A woman who loved God and cherished people around encourager of talent and gifts a role model to the young (she won teeniz role model award that same year)...soft spoken, harmless, Joyful and cheerful."