Thursday, 4 September 2014

Carol Radull Ventures Into Shooting Sports Webisodes

Radio personality Carol Radull has ventured into the online bizniz of shooting webisodes.

She spoke to Hot Secrets about this.

"I have recently opened my own YouTube channel and right now I am producing one series called Serious Easy Talk – S.E.T.," Carol said, "Where my husband and I; and two of our closest friends Kieni Githinji and Martin Kariuki get together on Saturday nights and unwind by having a drink and chatting about anything and everything that’s happening in our lives."

She continued, "Without trying, these characters can be quite hilarious and entertaining. Each webisode is about 3-4 minutes and we release about two a week, sometimes three."

Carol added, "I hope to produce even more short but entertaining series in future. Here is a sample of the webisodes that we’ve produced so far. I hope you enjoy it."