Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Silvastone Talks Endorsement And New Music Projects

Silvastone was in Kenya recently for a coupla' projects. He spoke to Hot Secrets about his trip.

What song were you shooting the music video for?
I was shooting a forthcoming video for a song called "Loving Ma Baby". Its scheduled to be the third single off my upcoming 9 track EP entitled 'Transitions'. 

What is the song all about?
The song can be related to whatever you passionately love and willing to compromise for. With regards to the video concept I am serenading my beloved Africa. 

Where was the location for the shoot?
We shoot the video over two days in Watamu and Malindi with director Tedd Josiah. Having been to Nairobi so many times it was my first time to coastal Kenya and I loved it. 

You have a new single and video, "Bus Ma Head" and another song with Kanja that was released recently.  How are they being received by fans?
The reaction for both has been fantastic on everywhere - TV, radio and online. The video for "Bus Ma Head" has just been released so I am very excited about the fan feedback and airplay its already getting. Equally reaction to Kanja's "Lose Control" that I produced and feature on has been very similar to the early days when we released our first collaboration "Lights Out". I am pleased and thankful with the reaction from everyone. 

Any others exciting collabos or remixes you are working on?
I recently featured on the Davido "Skelewu" UK remix that is floating around out there. Also did a remix for Wayne Marshall's "Stupid Money" that producer/artist Damain Marley invited me to do. Also got a big remix I produced for a big UK pop artist called Dan Croll. My fellow Ethopians should listen out for what I did with girl band Yegna called "Abet" which I am told is huge club hit there too. Also listen out for my renditions of Will.I.Am's "Birthday" and Kid Ink & Chris Brown's "Show Me". And there is more collabos to come including with the biggest African hiphop artist that will be featured on the EP. In the meantime you can get a free download of my mixtape - The Resume, featuring my some of previous productions and remixes on my website. 

You will also be in the new season of CokeStudio Africa . How was the experience like?
It was fun and fantastic. A great experience working with not only 2 very talentend artists - Waje from Nigeria and Navio from Uganda, but also a great crew who really impressed me. Look out for CokeStudioAfrica series2 on your TV screens starting next month. I can't wait for guys to see it. 

And congrats. I hear you have an endorsement deal with AfricaMagic to be their brand ambassador. Tell me about it.
Yes. Thank you. Because of my constant presence across Africa I have been selected to help promote the AfricaMagicGO service that is now launching in the UK where I am based. 

Anything else you would like to add?
The future is bright, the future is Silva. Look out for the recently released 'Bus Ma Head' video online and your TV screens. Request it on your favourite show and buy it on iTunes etc. My debut EP "Transitions" will be out end of September and I promise you that you will love it. There is a video for every song including another I did earlier this year in Karuma, Northern Kenya. The second single from the EP is incidently entitled "Show Me (Someting)" and will premiere somewhere very soon. I love Kenya! Follow me on twitter, @silvastonebeats and check my website for much more info, videos and some free music, www.silvastonemusic.com