Friday, 11 July 2014

Richard Branson Roots For Kenyan Tourism

Eccentric CEO, Richard Branson has spoken out in favour of Kenya and against his government's travel advisory.

The UK citizen who is also the boss at Virgin Group that includes Mahali Pazuri, a high end luxury safari camp, said in a blogpost that no country should ever post travel advisories to warn its citizens against visiting another country.

In a blog post Thursday, Richard Branson cited the recent example of British authorities warning against travel to Kenya due to the threat of terrorism.

"They are giving the false impression that Kenya is too dangerous to visit," Branson wrote.

"This is effectively a ban on travel, rather than leaving people to make up their own minds, having been given all of the information."

He continued: "Travel advisories urging people not to visit countries are exactly what terrorists want. They destroy economies, creating the dire circumstances and resentment where extremism is more likely to thrive. No country should put out advisories against countries that suffer terrorist attacks. Instead, they should continue to support them through tourism and trade."