Thursday, 15 May 2014

Here Is The Protest Letter Sent To Fly 540 Management By Emmy Kosgei's Dad!

12 May 2014 11:50

The management
Dear sir/madam
Ref:protest note

My names are Bishop Jackson kosgei and a frequent user of your flights.on 11 day of May checked in and boarded your flight carrier no.5H0427 class around 8.50pm.your staff at the airport assisted me get into the aircraft using a liftoff.But on arrival at JKIA i was shocked to find that the liftoff could not be provided as a matter of management direction "not to carry persons with physical challenge whose conditions requires a liftoff facility"and further the same services and gadget was withdrawn by the management ealiar on. If this is true then it is serious. I had to crawl down the stairs whipping each of them(stairs) with my trouser. I felt humiliated.I wish to inform you that this is against the law .and will take the necessary action within the confines of humanrights provisions provided for in our constitution and protect the rights of persons with physical disabilities from such insensitive treatment by service providers such as yours. Find attached is copy of my boarding pass, for your confirmation.

Bishop jk kosgei