Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Comedian Otoyo Speechless Over Radicalisation And Hate In Mombasa

Radio presenter and comedian Kazungu Matano is speechless after watching Dennis Okari's expose on terrorism in Kenya.

Kazungu who also goes by the street moniker Otoyo said, "I am a Muslim, born and bred...but after watching Dennis Okari's FOUL WINDS, I do not know what to tell my non Muslim friends and colleague's."

"How do I tetea my religion when sheikhs and Imams preach Murder, war and justify terrorism acts? How do i tell my friends that Islam preaches peace while a sheikh, an Imam adressing thousands of people in a holy Masjid tells a calm and collected crowd that "dawa ya kafiri - (none muslims) ni bunduki" I don't know how we are going to make this wrong right."

Okari's expose titled Foul Winds highlights the "radicalization at the coast and the government's concern about the security of the region and its future as a consequence."

Hussein Said Mwange commented adding, "These characters belong in jail. Very sad, when mad men are given a high position this is what happens. Very irresponsible statements... has nothing to do with the beautiful religion of Islam."