Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Habida Thanks Her Haters!

Habida has posted her 2014 "Thank you" message to everyone who matters in her life and career, including her haters.

Here is the message posted on her website.

"This is a small message to say thank you to all those who support me.

"To those who don’t criticize me cause they wish they were me or just do so cause they are haters, but criticize me when they see something I should change.

"Thanks to those who take the time to tweet, make a comment on Facebook to build me up and not break me down.

"Thanks to those who believe in me and tell me that they do.

"Thanks to those who help me when they can. Thanks to my fans because without you I wouldn’t be here, thanks for down loading my music (which is now on for free download).

"Thanks to my family for giving me time to do what I do even when they miss me when i’m gone.

"Thanks to those who hire me and pay me my dues, that I may keep on going and feed my family. Saving the best for last, thank you Lord for the gift I have and allowing me to do what I do, for giving me the courage to keep on going,cause you know how hard what I do is."