Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Letter From Africa's First Next Top Model - Aamito

The newly branded Africa Next Top Model from Uganda penned a letter to her fans after her win.

Aamito wrote a letter to thank everyone who supported her dream.

She wrote, "I AM AFRICA'S FIRST EVER NEXT TOP MODEL!!!! This is a surreal moment in my life and career. I would firstly like to thank God, for allowing this path in this journey that I have committedly begun. I would like to thank, super host Oluchi for having paid me any attention. Josie Borain and Remi Adetiba, I will not disappoint you thank you all so much.

"My family and friends we have done it! it couldn't have been possible without you all. thank you. Africa but first ,my beautiful country Uganda who have put all their trust in me ,encouraged and supported me from day 1 ,thank you. Beautiful Africa and even more beautiful people from around the world ,that have all shown me nothing but love, I am extremely humbled and overwhelmed by the tremendous and mind blowing support you beauties have shown me over the past 10 weeks.

"My fellow contestants, you were all great and together we have formed a sisterhood of ANTM Africa cycle1 cast. All 11 of you taught me a lot and I definitely carry a part of each of you in me, I wish you all endless success. To the ATMN team, thank you, thank you , thank you. And there you have it, the throne is yours Uganda,lets together keep it shining bright."