Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What Does Diamond And Usher Have In Common?

Yes, what does Usher and Diamond have in common?

Well, it is simple. They both have similar topless poses and are RnB heartthrobs. Anyhow, Diamond said that Usher "is one guy I would like to collaborate with in the near future" because he is "his undeniable vocal prowess".

Here is a one on one with Diamond about his music and his stint on Coke Studio.

Which musician inspires you and why?

I am inspired by Usher Raymond because of his undeniable vocal prowess and his breathtaking performances. Usher started singing at a tender age and despite the changing times, he has managed to retain his place as one of the greatest R&B musicians of all time. Usher is one guy I would like to collaborate with in the near future.

You are an award winning musician, how does that feel?

It feels great! I mean it shows that my fans appreciate what I am doing. I spend a lot of time in the studio with the hope of producing hit songs. The more I get awarded, the more pressure I get to remain relevant in the ever changing music industry. You know music is very dynamic, what was cool or hot last year is obviously not this year. I always ensure I stay abreast with the new music trends. Perhaps that is the reason I always scoop various awards.

What songs are you performing on Coke Studio? 

M.I and I will be performing African Queen which was originally done by 2Face Idibia from Nigeria. I like the song because it takes me way back to the time I was doing my ‘O’ levels. I remember I used to sing it so much in school until I got nicknamed 2Face.

The lyrics are good and they highlight the beauty of our African sisters. 2Face nailed it on this one. I will also perform one of my latest hit songs Number One. It’s a song that anyone with a significant other can relate to. The melody and lyrics are also amazing. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet so I’ll let the viewers be the judge. Number One is entirely different from other songs I have done before. I am sure everyone is going to love it.

Finally HHP from South Africa and I will sing Temptation by P-Square. The song tells a story of how men generally cheat on their significant others with beautiful women hence the name temptation. It’s a song I like not because I am a cheater (laughs,) but because it’s a song that has a nice melody and anyone can dance to it.