Friday, 25 October 2013

The Loved Greats Is Coke Studio's Theme

This week's Coke Studio will feature music from legends.
The producers encouraged a number of artists to rework older classics which are much loved, and cut across age groups.

The whole show has a focus on how men and women see each other.

Artist: MI/Kassongo/Dela 
Song: Dezo Dezo

One of the best loved Congolese Soukous songs of all time, Dezo Dezo was first made famous by Tshala Mwana. 
Later it was also covered by DRC superstars, Orchestre Super Mazembe. The song is a lament of a woman about a rather shifty type of gentleman, someone who is constantly ducking and diving in his life in all aspects of that life – including family, love and work.
It was adopted by many women at the time as a call to male responsibility. The song is Coke Studio’s first super collaboration featuring Nigeria super star, MI as lead artists, joined by Orchestre Super Mazembe’s lead singer, Kazzongo and rising Kenya Afro pop star, Dela.
The fused version of the track retains the original dance beat of the song, but adds to it a call and response vocal in which Dela acts as the voice of reason to the two guys desire to do as they wish.

Artist: Miss Karun 
Song: I’m Gonna Fly

Mercy Myra’s, I’m Gonna Fly is a real motivating track for the empowerment of young people.
It talks about self value and the capacity for you as a person to be both responsible and capable of achieving whatever your desires from life.
The fusion is lead by Miss Karun, most recently of Camp Mulla fame. The track is reworked and brought up to date by bringing an Afrobeatz groove to the track which is bridges East and West Africa.

Song: Trouble Sleep

A Fela Kuti classic from 1972, Trouble Sleep is a strongly political message around the fact that when the world around you is in turmoil it affects everyone and everything.
The concept that trouble never sleeps is indicative that you cannot simply hide your head in the sand when things are wrong – you have to do something about it – and get involved.
Bez takes the track which is a direct and harsh message and blends the Afrobeat style with his unique alternative soul treatment.
His version is more spoken word than the original but the strength of the message remains constant.

Joel Sebunjo 
Song: Nakato

This is the track which brought Joel to the attention of the doyens of African traditional music – notably the likes of Ismael Lo from Senegal.
It is a love song which harks back to the traditions of expressing love solely through music – a powerful medium in Bugandan culture.
The song talks of a man who loves the younger of twin sisters. He celebrates everything about her as a goddess and it is his proposal of marriage. The original of the track is very African Roots.
The fusion collides languages – Lugandan, French and Manding from Senegal. The genre has evolved to a strong reggae flavour which also includes a reference to Bob Marley’ Could You Be Loved on the bass line. In addition the track is faster to encourage a more danceable feel.

Artist: King Sunny Ade with Sage 
Song: Wait For Me 

A Nigerian dance favourite, this song was originally performend by KSA with Nigerian diva, Onyweka Onwenu in 1985. 
The song is a courting between two people, with the guy proposing love to a somewhat reticent lady. 
The path of the story leads to her acceptance and happiness - it is a call for responsibility – Wait for me till I am ready! 
The fusion retains a strong Yoruba dance flavour. This version blends Yoruba, Pidgin, Swahili and English to give the song a pan African feeling. 
There are also references to club culture with the use of DJ loops to contemporise the finished piece.