Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Lizz Njagah's Promo Shots For Jane And Abel Out!

It's almost that time when Lizz Njagah and Brian Ogolla grace our screen in a dramatic sibling rivalry TV show.

Before the official launch the peeps at Spielworks Media have released a promo photo for the show.

Anyhow, the tension of the dramatic thriller follows the life of Jane and Abel.

Here is the synopsis...
The past may be dead and buried, but sometimes it rises up to haunt us. Business is going well for Simba Media Group, headed by Abel which dominates its market share. But the ghosts of past mistakes unexpectedly catch up, threatening to grind down the empire into a pulp. Enter Jane’s 24/7 media group owner, the vengeful and resilient illegitimate daughter of the late John Simba, Abel step sister. She has a score to settle, in an intriguing tale of manipulation, deceit and revenge.