Friday, 25 October 2013

How Kanjii Mbugua Brought Musical Theatre To Safaricom Live

Kanjii Mbugua the CEO of Kijiji Entertainment is the brains behind this weekend's Niko na Safaricom Live, billed as one of the biggest concerts e and now structured as a multimedia, storytelling extravaganza to showcase Kenya's top performing artists.

Having beaten two other companies to win the tender to direct, stage and produce this year's SafaricomLive concerts, Kijiji, the production company led by Kanjii Mbugua, will be challenging all previous norms in the country's live music productions with a new level of innovation and theatre.

“Telling stories is like taking people on a journey. We are making it a better experience in how we package the communication and in the ways we engage and interact with the audience,” said MwendwaMbugua, Kijiji's head of media and strategy.

"With a unique approach centered on creativity, Kijiji Entertainment, which began as a gospel music producer, has steadily shifted its paradigm to position itself as now Kenya's largest production and entertainment company. It's new position as market leader has been driven by strategic thinking, communication, creativity and a passion for first-class entertainment," said Kanjii.

The driving principle in tomorrow's Safaricom Live concert at Machakos Golf Club has been to navigate new ways of marketing and communication by using the production and entertainment experience to shape positive messages that can begin to impact and restore some of the qualities and values lost over time.

Kijiji is the first entertainment company in Kenya to include theatricals for the live concert, adding props, as well as sound and lighting to achieve drama and impact.

“For an artist like Daddy Owen whose music is heavily pitted on social issues, we are incorporating placards with questions or depicting various aspects of his songs. This takes the audience beyond what Daddy Owen is putting across in his songs like Mbona and provokes pertinent questions about certain social issues in their communities. This is something that will also be incorporated in Gloria Muliro's performance,” said Mwendwa.