Friday, 20 September 2013

Mombasa's Hearthrob RnB star: Dizz Beats

Meet Dizz Beats. He is from Magongo in Mombasa. He is an RnB singer who has recorded singles like  ‘Nitasonga’.

He says, "I have made ends meet through hustling, composing songs, making beats for different artists and using my earnings to finance my musical career. My first record was released in 2007 at West Coast Records and was well received. An obvious underground hit I may say. Due to lack of airplay, it did not reach our expectation."

he continued, "The following year, I met some aspiring artists and decided to form a crew named ‘K-BEEZ’. We did a song titled ‘Ashajipa’. which was followed by another single titled ‘Hoi ‘which didn’t get to reach ears across Mombasa. Thereafter i decided to focus on my solo projects and doing work with different artists. ‘Rudi home’ was my first collabo,I was featured in the song by an artist named Laddu and Handy boy. The song, a slow soothing Swahili jam, was produced by Shirko at sound quake records and was well received. I was recognized for my work and I was approached by different artists from various places wanting to work with me."

"In 2011, I decided to focus more on my own projects, and that’s when I hooked up with Flesh Skani and came up with ‘Sikupendi’. I came up with the beat of the song and recorded at Ufuoni records. Thereafter a video for the song was done by Lil Guy G and has been the highlight of my career."

You can watch Sikupendi below.....