Sunday, 15 September 2013

Check Out Lyra Aoko and Thee MC's New Charity Projects

Thee MC Africa and Lyra Aoko are some of the celebrities who proudly support #Standupshoutout. Changemaker in action.

The charity seeks to raise funds.

According to singer Mumala, "We have been doing different projects raising money not only for some children from Kibera whom their school burned down but families who are unable to have meals everyday."

She continued, "Basically, the idea is, since we have T-shirts written STAND UP SHOUT OUT,we need your help by taking a picture with this t-shirt and posting it on social media pages Instagram,Twitter and Facebook. Now how we intend to raise money with this photo is that the shirts go for 1000ksh."

Stand Up Shout Out is youth organisation founded on January 18, 2013 by a young man known as Peter Moll.

Driven by his passion to contribute positively to our society and speak out against all ills and injustices, Moll brought together a group of like-minded individuals in May of 2013 to form the SUSO team, working together and sharing the same vision & dreams i.e living to see a better world, not simply by praying and wishing for one, but, in the words of Ghandi, “be that change [we] wish to see in the world”.