Monday, 29 July 2013

Wanja Is Coca-Cola’s Africa Lets Go Crazy Woman Of The Moment

The ongoing Coca-Cola Africa Lets Go Crazy campaign. The beverage company is still unearthing people who do good deeds for no benefit at all.

One of those people is Wanja Maina. She leds an initiative called Friends Of Wanja.

The initiative comprises of professionals, university students, church pastors, musicians and career people with and without disabilities who are passionate about mentoring and encouraging students with disabilities to be all rounded with a major emphasis on education and talent growth.

The initiative was founded in 2012 by like-minded friends. She is passionate about mentoring and encouraging students with disabilities. She has over the past years visited a number of institution to mentor and encourage students living with disabilities.

Wanja talks to children and helps them build their self esteem and also ensures to show them how their skills are equally important and valued.

"As a disabled person myself, I understand the discrimination that people face on a daily basis. At school I was known as 'Hannah, the girl who uses a calliper'. I eventually overcame this label and became one of the top performers in my class. It is experiences like this that first got me interested in mentoring and encouraging students living with disabilities"

She has touched the lives of approximately 600 young people and continues to reach more through the initiative.

Friends of Wanja has been up and running for over a year, and has visited 3 schools so far.

These include: Joytown primary school, Joytown secondary school and Catitas Mariana home. The initiative acknowledges that the right to education is fundamental for a person’s continued opportunities for obtaining work and be able to earn a living.