Monday, 15 July 2013

Penya Africa's All Girl Band, Kiu Is Here!

Penya Africa's girl group, KIU have unveiled their debut single The City. The song is about the beauty of Nairobi.

This will be the first time that current Sauti Academy students are releasing a single under the Penya Africa label. KIU’s (Kiswahili for thirst) lovely ladies Tracy, Pauline and Rosa met at Sauti Academy and KIU was formed in class when one of the girls needed harmonies to be added to her song. When the three sang together for that first time something special happened.

A week later the trio performed their first show at the BOGOF in Hilton, Nairobi.

Commenting on the single, KIU said,“We have always loved Nairobi, despite the fact that life here might not always seem as easy as in other places in the world. There’s something in the air here, something very exciting is happening and we’d like to share that excitement of our generation through our music. Nairobi is the place to be!”

On a sunny afternoon KIU met their friends and fellow #Penyans H_art in town and filmed everything that went on that day.

It resulted in the first (un)official & home made Youtube clip; an impression of young, urban, colorful and hilarious life in Nairobi.

Watch it below...