Thursday, 18 July 2013

Keith Sweat Confirmed For Kenyan Concert

Legendary Rhythm and Blues star Keith Sweat will be in Nairobi for a one off October concert at the Carnivore Grounds.

According to his official website Keith has confirmed that he will be performing in Nairobi on October 5.

This will be after a two day performance in Uganda.

Keith Sweat released his debut album Make It Last Forever and set his path towards fame and success.

He enjoyed many successes as a result of this album, skyrocketing towards the top of both R&B and pop charts and selling over three million copies.

Four of the songs on this album landed on the pop or R&B charts and in some cases both.

The hit “I Want Her” skyrocketed to number one on the R&B charts while hitting number five on the pop charts.

The songs “Make It Last Forever” reached number two and “Something Just Ain’t Right” reached number three both on the R&B charts.

As a result of his success with this album, Sweat moved away from his job as a brokerage assistant on Wall Street.

He is quoted as saying, “My Strategy is to give people just enough of me, then pull back, so they’ll want to see me when I come back.”

Adding that his songs are “about situations I’ve gone through being in a relationship. You won’t hear me write a song about walking on a beach because that isn’t what my life has been about. I write songs about what I know and what I know is the ups and downs of relationships. What I know about is what it feels like to hurt and be hurt. What I know about is love.”