Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Is Actress Brenda Wairimu in Love?

Apparently, Brenda Wairimu is so in love. But that love will never be because, according to a press statement Brenda's love has been doomed to fail.

Well according to a press statement by Historia Film honchos, Brenda should know people.
Here is how it reads: "We are very happy that Brenda and Chura are getting on very well and enjoying each others company.

"But we would like to clarify that Chura was, is and will remain a member of our family and doesn’t belong to Brenda Wairimu as her fans wrongfully believe.

"Her name was given to her because she loves to jump inside her water tank like a frog. Brenda we are more than happy for you to come and socialize with Chura but to put the record straight: Chura-K is ours.”

Chura is an African helmeted terrapin (water turtle) and will make a guest appearance in the “Adults Only” Kenyan comedy “House of Lungula” (which got officially certified yesterday by the Kenyan Film Classification Board as 18+).

Brenda and Chura met on the set of the TV show and it was love from first site as you can see from the pictures!