Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Groove Apologise To Anto NeoSoul For 'Oversight' In Nomination

Yesterday night, just after the Groove Awards Nomination Night, singer Anto NeoSoul took to his Facebook and expressed his disappointment.
Her wrote, "I am disgusted at @GrooveAwardsKE­ DELIBERATE effort to not place my name with every SariSari nomination! You may want to categorise me as a secular artiste but you have no right to not recognise my effort in making that song a HIT! Is that why we didn't garner collabo of the year? Because it would mean mentioning me? This hypocrisy makes Christianity seem unattractive! It makes me regret singing SariSari!"
In response to this Groove Awards Panel Chairman, David Kuria released this statement.
s the chairperson of the Groove Awards Nomination Panel, I would like to extend my very sincere apology to both Anto Neosoul and Dk Kwenye Beat During last night's unveiling of the 2013 Groove nominees, a collaborative song between them received nominations. However credit was erroneously given to only one of the artists. This was a GRAVE error!

It was an honest and costly mistake that I should have caught, but I did not, and it has caused understandable distress to the artists. As the chairperson, I would like to take 100% responsibility for this.

I have since had telephone conversations with both artists and offered them my unequivocal apology and assured them there was neither spite nor malice in this action. They have extended much grace, for which I remain honored and indebted. Credits all on our different platforms are urgently being reviewed to address this costly oversight.

At Groove Awards we continue to firmly believe that every artist has an inalienable and indisputable right to be credited and applauded for their work, and we continue to wholeheartedly stand by this.
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