Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bad Boy, Samuel L Jackson To Star In TV Show Generations

Hollywood superstar Samuel L Jackson is set to feature in Generations for one night only. The episode was shot during Jackson’s visit to in South Africa in May.

According to City Press, Jackson shares a scene with Winnie Ntshaba-Modise who plays Khethiwe. He is seen sitting on the opposite table in what seems to be a business meeting with Mfundi Vundla, the show’s creator.

Khethiwe downs a glass of whiskey as she waits for the shady murderer Khubone played by (Thabo Mnguni) to arrive at the downtown bar.

Khubone finally arrives to complain about her heavy drinking. After exchanging an envelope with R20 000 and a long dialogue Jackson turns to advise Khethiwe about heavy drinking.

Nyagunda Ngwenya, Generations publicist said featuring Jackson was a scoop for the show. She describes Jackson as “a humble person”.

“He was excited to be part of the show. He knows that Generations is the biggest show and has known Mfundi for many years. He spent 45 minutes and the actors were happy to share the space with him and maybe a little bit starstruck. He is the man, the world’s best paid actor.” Photos/ Times LIVE. South Africa