Friday, 19 April 2013

Singer Wahu Writes a Poem For Her Late Father

MTV Award winning artiste, Wahu Kagwi wrote a touching poem to her late father who passed away in January this year.

She wrote: "How do I get used to a world without you
How does life assume normalcy when you’re not around
I feel stagnant, unable to move forward, stuck in time; I tell myself…”you’re in a happy place, you’re in a better place”
You’re free of the problems of this world.
But even so, I miss you. I miss hearing your voice, your laugh
I miss your wise counsel,
I miss your face, your smile, your warmth.
I miss driving up to shagz with the expectation of seeing you
Now, I’m greeted by the beautiful flowers that grow by your grave.
I pray that one day, I will learn not to cry,
To accept the reality, and to enjoy the beautiful memories that I have of you.
I miss you daddy."

In another Facebook message, Wahu wrote, "Words fail me daddy. I still can't believe ur gone. I know ur happy and peaceful...but the reality of ur passing hasn't hit me...I don't know if it will...u were an amazing father and a wonderful friend. U gave me wings to fly.

"Daddy.. Even though I know u are now seated with Jesus, I will miss u. I love u forever. I shall see u again in heaven. Rest well."