Sunday, 21 April 2013

Meet Nairobi's New Kids On The Block: Dr3am Ville

Dr3am Ville - read as Dreamville - is a multi-genre music group originating from and based in Kenya, launched in January 14, 2012.

It consists of three passionate artistes, namely Mishu, Webb, & R.H.The group aims to share their diverse Kenyan culture and talent globally.

They draw inspiration from artistes, events, and occurrences that they encounter on a daily basis. Artistes that have greatly influenced them include and are not limited to, K’Naan, Sade, P-Square, Sauti Sol, Juliani, Sway De Safo, Spoek Mathambo, Toya DeLazy, TearGas and of course legends like Bob Marley, Tupac & Michael Jackson.

Meet the crew

Crazzy Webb 

Webb in six words 
Honest, respectful, artistic, hardworking, entertainer, street.

Favorite Things 
Dancing, playing basketball, watching movies, fishing.

Favorite Music 
Rap, Hip hop, Classic, Soul & RnB, Roots Reggea.

Playlist - Top Six Artists 
Ace Hood, Lil Wayne ,Dream Ville, Rick Ross, T.I , I Wayne

Fave things to do when chill in' 
Listening to music, take a nap to catch my dreams.

Pet Peeves
Possessive minds.

Top movies: 
Metropolis by Fritz Lang, The Gold Rush by Charles Chaplin.

Fave book read: 
The Holy Bible, How to Succeed as your own Boss by Pete Ondeng’

Fave Drink: 

Fave Meal: 
Ugali & samaki ( Fish )

Fave Soccer Club: 

Fave Quote: 
"I have a dream – Martin Luther King jr"

Rhymin H

R.H in six words 
Caring, Introvert, Funny, Shy, Workaholic, Dreamer.

Favorite Things 
Net-surfing, sneakers, making music, cracking jokes, African Beads, soul and r&b,

Playlist - Top Six Artists 
Frank Cn, Trap Town, Tech Junk, Naeto C, Shukid, Large Gang

Fave things to do when chill in' 
Surf internet, read poems and blogs, Hang with friends, discover new music!

Pet Peeves 
Time-wasters, Blondes, egomaniacs,fake people.

Top movies: 
Colombiana, Salt, Nairobi Half life.

Last book read: 
Sidney Sheldon : Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Fave Dessert: 
Vanilla Cake.

Fave Colour: 

Fave Quote: 
"Death has to come for a legend to be born"

Celebrity Crush: 
Nicole Scherzinger


Mishu in six words
Energetic,crazy,competitive,blends in no matter what, creative.

Mishu's fav things 
Trey song'z shirtless;), riddims and reggea albums, vegeterian meals, short colorful dresses, shambalas, my ipod touch.

Playist top artist 
Bob Marley, Sauti Sol, Dreamville, Ronmixa, Tarrus Riley, Lauryn Hill, Popcaan, Damian Marley.

Fav things to do when relaxing 
Listen to music, compose, read a book, take a nap.

Pet peeves 
Ignorance & arrogance, unhygienic people, selfishness, liars, bullies, screech sounds.

Top movies 
Death at a funeral, 50 first sates, why did i get married too, ted, third world cop, college road trip

Last book read 
The devil walks-Anne Fine.

Fave dessert 
Cocktail juice with a cherry on the side.

Fave color 

Pet's name 

Fave quote 
"The good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain" Bob Marley.