Monday, 22 April 2013

Gerald Langiri Asks Konstantaras To Direct A Kissing Scene With Wife Lizz

Gerald Langiri this time had the brilliant idea to host Lizz Njagah's hubby, director, actor and casanova Alex Konstantaras who recently directed the sexy comedy "House of Lungula" for his fouth episode of In The Forest.

But it doesn't take long before he realises that the person who is asking questions to is just an impostor! 

In The Forest is an unconventional funny and unscripted web talk show whose first 3 episodes raised eyebrows.

The fourth episode is proving to be the longest and most scandalous episode so far. It has impostors, monkeys, sex, beef, revenge, humiliation and a new sponsor!

When the real Konstantaras arrives the game changes and Gerald tries to be more personal asking him who was better in sex between Lupita Nyong'o, Helena Waithera and Lizz Njagah!

But Alex doesn't lose his cool despite the presence of the impostor, some unexpected visit of a monkey or despite the fact that the sponsor pulled out.

But in the end, Alex insults Gerald's acting profession when the host asks if he could direct him kissing Lizz Njagah.

Even more interesting is the fact that in the following episode the ruthless host invites the winner of this episodes competition actress Helena Waithera.

What question did she replied correctly? "Who is better in bed: Lizz Njagah or Helena Waithera?" JUST CRAZY!

You can watch the fouth episode here...