Monday, 1 April 2013

Funniest Talk Show By Gerald Rangiri: In The Forest

"We’ve seen Mirfat not doing fries. Have we ever seen a Kenyan actress though pull a diva in an interview?

Lizz Njagah is not new to us. She is setting the pace in so much in the acting industry with whatever project she does being labeled as a 1st. 
Well she has once again earned the title of the 1st Kenyan actress to walk out on an interview when the cameras were rolling.

It’s a new web talk show called "In The Forest" produced by the new and very active production label “Historia Films”. Its not you average talk show though.

In this particular show, the host, Gerald Langiri asks unexpected, crude, rude, funny and out rightly explicit questions to gauge how celebrities would react when asked questions they never expected.

This 1st episode has Lizz as the guest and she couldn’t take the questions anymore and opted to walk out?

Was she justified in doing so or was she just being a diva?

Find out by watching exclusively the new weekly web celeb talk show "In the forest" episode 1 here: