Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Abass Kubaff, DNG, DJ Ricky take Pilsner pool to Meru

Leading hip hop artist Abass Kubaff is turning out to be Pilsner’s marquee boy as the beer brand readies for regional tours that will host local artistes in the ongoing Pilsner League of Kings Pool Challenge.

In last year’s Pilsner King of Bold rebranding, supported by musical performances, the apparent Abass Kubaff fan response seemed to have earned him the vote to headline the Pilsner regional tours.

Abass, joined by hype-man DNG and DJ Ricky makes his first stop on April 20th 2013 at Simba Wells Club as the Mountain region pits its best pool players to represent the region in the grand finale slated for May 4th, 2013.

According to the brand and tournament organizers, Abass Kubaff’s genre of music, personality and energy represents Pilsner audiences amongst young adult consumers who want a contemporary brand and fits in well with the lifestyle pool sport.

Abass, a pool fan himself says he is excited to help bring hip hop to a lifestyle sport fete like the League of Kings pool challenge. “Hip hop is a lifestyle and so is pool in the club scene for young adults enjoying their clubbing moments.

The connection of pool and hip hop elicits equal is spot on as it elicits equal passion,” said Abass. Meru, a Pilsner beer belt has treated Abass with love, something he wants to appreciate to bring both old and new music.

“Meru is a Pilsner beerbelt and I have enjoyed each time I performed there, fans should expect the same old energetic Abass Kubaff, and both old hit bangers and new stuff they have not heard me perform,” says Abass.

The other regional finals will be played in Western region (Kisumu) Coast(Mombasa) AFCO and Nairobi. The regional finals amid pomp and music pit the best pool players qualified from various divisions in that region.

At least 3000 players had registered for the tournament in at least 86 venues. The tournament seeks a Kenyan representative to the World Eight ball Championship in UK starting June 23rd 2013.