Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tanzanian Singer Mzungu Kichaa Turns Down TV Anchoring Job

Tanzanian Singer Mzungu Kichaa has turned down a lucrative job as a news anchor because he wants to focus on his music.

He tweeted about it. He wrote, "I have rejected a job offer from Mengi (owner of IPP media) to become news anker for the 8 O´Clock news in Swahili. #AllForTheMusic."

Mzungu Kichaa shuffles his time between Copenhagen, Dar es Salaam and London. He embodies a blend of these various places that has resulted in him becoming what he is today: one of the pioneers of East Africa's most popular fusion of traditional music and Hip Hop - Bongo Fleva.

Not only does he unite very diverse places in his person but he also speaks each of the respective languages fluently.

Anyhoo, here is his single featuring Kenya's Dela dubbed African Hustle...