Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Online Reactions To Vera Sidika's Nude Photos

Video girl, Vera Sidika's nude pictures have hit the net.

The dudes are having a field day with the smart ass comments.

Anyho, Vera's last tweet read, "Bad stuff n negative energy 4 some reason happen all at once. .Accept as it comes.God can't put u in a situation u won't handle."

Here are some of the comments from peeps on Twirra.

JICHOdaDOG, "In the words of the great Juicy J, 'I can't say No to ratchet'

@ArcherMishale , "Jaw, meet floor!* Hagagagagaga....."

@verbstract: Vee Beiby can sit on my face and pedal my ears any day!

@leonkuzzi: Vee beiby will be the cause of death for gazillions of sperm.

@kevoice_: We all know how Vee Beiby walks. Kwa mwendo wa ASSte ASSte.”

@MsSophie_: am i the only one who thinks ths ASSet is a result of surgery - Vee beiby

@Voice_Roy: "We were all created in God's image expect Vee, she was created in letter "b"s image..."

@Attilla_IV: "Your death will be ruled as an ASSASSination.