Monday, 11 March 2013

Lupita Talks Hollywood

In Saturday’s Nation, Lupita talked about her stint in two Hollywood movies.

She said, “2012 was a great year as I had many firsts. I had the privilege of working in five different films, including the action thriller Non-Stop alongside Liam Neeson, and 12 Years A Slave with Michael Fassbender, produced by Brad Pitt.

“I hope to continue in this vein. The movies will be released this year and I hope they will resonate with audiences as strongly as my experience was in making them.”

Lupita details a day in her life when she is on a shoot.

“Generally, I wake up three hours before the start of my day to prepare for it, both psychologically and physically. I write and engage in physical exercise and some bit of meditation.

“The shoot day involves a lot of rushing and waiting because there are so many people and pieces involved to make a single scene happen. I use the waiting time to research and sharpen my mind by catching up on movies and TV shows, reading, and sometimes crafting things with my hands.

“You have to be ready to go at all times because you never know exactly when they will call for you on set. When they do, you have to be able to bounce into action immediately.

“For now, I can say that one of the biggest challenges many actors go through time and again is the fear of never having the opportunity to act again. Our work is usually on short-term contractual basis, so the feeling of job insecurity is a frequent and recurring one. The wonderful and frustrating thing about a career in acting is that you can envision it but you cannot control how it plays out.

“I believe that we ultimately become what we envisage, so I continue to imagine for myself a fruitful career of challenging and surprising roles in compelling stories. I am inspired by the fact that I got the chance to live my dream,” she concluded.