Thursday, 28 March 2013

Lorna Irungu Narates 'Bribe' Ordeal With Traffic Cop

Communication Consultant, Lorna Irungu took to Twitter this afternoon to rant and rave about a cop who tried to solicit a "bribe" from her over an alleged "traffic offence".

She narrated the whole ordeal on her twitter account.

"Kui Macharia ‏@KuisanMacharia: "Traffic cop stops me for answering my phone regardless of fact that its on hands free. Am not allowed to touch phone he then tells me cash bail is 10,000 I go to cop station.

"I agree and he says I don't want to talk. I say I have nothing to talk about He then hands me over to his boss who says I am clearly not in a hurry as we can solve this problem.

"I say I don't bribe He drops cash bail to 5K am like okay. He says he is a Christian, he likes to help I buy him lunch instead!? I am incensed!

"He says I should only do it with a good heart.. I.e buy him lunch as he likes helping people. I tell him he has insulted my faith...He is a bad cop and a worse Christian and let us go to Muthangari right now as he is stealing from his govt. He told me I have siasa!

"So no I did not pay a bribe or go to police station. His Christian comment broke my heart more than anything.. That is what broke me. I left them... Calmed down and now tweeting. (I'm) Home safe... Though taken time to calm down.The cops are opposite Junction on Ngong road.. Matatu's stopping illegally, picking passengers by roadside not being stopped."

Anyhoo, here is an interview she did for Karen 'Kaz' Lucas' documentary Kenyan Woman.