Monday, 4 March 2013

CNN To Kenyans: The Story Wasn't 'Stage Managed'

The Kenyan government demanded CNN to give an explanation over a video clip that shows alleged militia arming themselves in the Rift Valley.

The video showed three men rolling on the ground with crude weapons. The termed the clip "stage managed".

Now CNN's PR peeps have released a press statement denying that the clip - that has since been pulled from their site - is legit and that they will not reveal who the "militia" starring in their clip are.

The statement read: "CNN absolutely denies any allegation that our correspondent Nima Elbagir’s report on militia in Kenya’s Rift Valley was in any way ‘stage managed’.

"Given that the potential threat of violence around the election has been well documented by Human Rights Watch and the Kenyan Police it was entirely appropriate that the actions of local Kikuyu militia were scrutinised. We stand by our decision to report this story and have taken great care to place it in context. We will not reveal our sources on this or any story and strongly resist any attempt to force us to do so.

"We will continue with balanced and accurate reporting of these important elections. This coverage has directly referenced peace rallies in Kenya and includes interviews with Kenyan political figures and satirists, a look at the hopes of Kenyan children for the future, a view of political street art, and several other pieces - on TV and online - that illustrate all sides of the election picture."