Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Big Kev To Kenyans - Get To Work!

Event promoter Big Kev has penned an open letter to Kenyans, urging them to get back to work.
Here it is ...

Honestly, YOU!!!! why haven't you gone back to work???????? We will handle this transition better by showing resilience and life should NOT and CANNOT come to a standstill.....­.Lets be vigilant but let IEBC do its work.....

Kenya getting back to work is the best way for me to engage my brothers and sisters from across Kenya on a National platform, i need all my kale, kyuk, jang, borana, somali employees to all come back to work, where i dont really care or even think about where you come from, i need Nakumatt to open fully so that i can do my shopping from a Kenyan.........­.we need soccer matches back on (most guys put aside their political differences to watch Real Madrid thrash Man Utd), we need kids back in school, we need guys back in church and enjoying themselves at the club, we need ma3s back on the street.........­.

Guys hanging around the inner city in small groups talking in low voices is NOT helping.

Guys pushing speculation on various outcomes on social media that are aggressive and inciting are NOT helping, lack of tolerance, abuse in mother tongue etc are NOT helping........­.Not everyone can win and not everyone can lose (I voted for my favourite candidates), but we can all win as Kenyans......

Finally, my message to the IEBC, we have placed a lot of confidence and patience with/­in you, Justice Willy Mutunga, we have placed a lot of confidence and hope in you and your team ....SO PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING (WE DID OUR PART , DO YOURS !!!!!!!) Our collective hopes and aspirations are solidly placed on the lap of The Almighty......God Bless you and God Bless Kenya! Please Share!!
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