Saturday, 2 February 2013


"… Alexandros Konstantaras narrates comfortably a story of two brothers who get involved with a girl from Kenya ... A very nicely shot and bitter creation that worth watching ... If this film was signed by Jarmusch or Wes Anderson, we will be talking about great revelation. Compact filmmaking, where the "dead" moments work effectively in creating a limbo. - Alkis Vantsis, Centre for Studies and Research on the Cinema "

"The Return of Lazarus" is the title of the new international feature film of Alexandros Konstantaras, which stars our own Kenyan star Lizz Njagah! It was premiered last October during the Kenyan International Film Festival's 2012 edition. Now the film will start screenings at STARFLIX cinemas (Prestige and Village Market) with only 400-ksh per ticket.
The first screening is on Thursday 7th of February at 21.00.

The film will continue screenings for the whole month of February for ONLY ONE SCREENING PER WEEK (the rest of dates and times to be announced). As they are limited screenings be sure not to miss it! Lets keep support our own!

This follows the successful premier earlier this year in Thessaloniki Greece, in front of a full house at cine Fargani: 300 people turned up in a cinema with 240 seats! Also the film will be one of the two official entries of Kenya at the 2nd Athens African Film Festival, which will take part from 21st to 28th of February 2013. The festival is being organized by the African Embassies in Greece.
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