Monday, 11 February 2013


On Friday, popular TV anchor Swaleh Mdoe took to Twitter and vented his frustration at the format of tonight's Presidential Debate production that will air on all TV and radio stations nationwide.

The main contention for the Swahili anchor is that the debate will be aired in English.

According to him, "...33% of all Kenyans speak and understand English and if the presidential candidates were to pass their messages to "ordinary" Kenyans who are the majority voters, logically the debate could be in Kiswahili or at least bilingual: English/Kiswahili. but this is Kenya and there are so much vested interests in the whole debate..hata mimi imenibidi nizungumze Kiingereza kutoa ujumbe huu..."

He added, "...wanaopiga kura ni akina Babu zetu na nyanya zetu. Hao wanaojifanya wanajua Kimombo ni watu wa mjini na wengi hawana kura." Here are the series of tweets...

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